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Re: Adding packages (was: mkfs.jffs2 support in CYGWIN)


Sorry to dredge up this thread from a few months ago, but I found myself
wanting to comment on more than just the segment I was originally
intending to cut and paste into a new discussion.

On 28/08/2009 7:50 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 10:02:08PM +0100, Dave Korn wrote:
So to help matters, perhaps setup.exe could be installed as part of
Cygwin, and a suitably named link to it added to the start menu? Even
better if that link would take it directly to the package selection
That's not a bad idea at all. Would make Cygwin even more Linux-like!

I've actually been trying to make setup.exe more usable from the command
line so that it could be used as an update client like "yum" or "apt-get".
It isn't quite there yet since it still flashes annoying windows on the
screen but it is close.

I too like the idea of having setup.exe included as part of a Cygwin package. However, I thought it prudent to put on record that if this were to occur, for Vista (and perhaps Windows 7, I've no experience with it yet), it should be remembered to alter setup.exe either to: a) build with a .manifest much like install.exe and other such apps (as per b) a rename from setup.exe to allow running without privilege elevation.

I always perform a two part Cygwin installation/upgrade procedure:
 1) a command-line download only as an unprivileged user
 2) a command-line install as a privileged user.

Doing this on Vista, I have myself encountered the issue with UAC not
allowing the unprivileged user to run setup.exe (well setup-1.7.exe). To
get around this, I have to rename setup.exe to something without those
UAC detected sub-strings (install, update, et. al).

One thing I've toyed with is making some sort of "cyg-update" wrapper to
setup.exe which hides the screens and ensures that setup can act as a
command-line utility. Then it could be used as a command-line utility.

Obviously, if it went gui-less, then option a) from above makes most sense. Can I flag at this point that if I run setup.exe from within a Cygwin ssh session, that install seems to work fine and of course, gui-less. Perhaps this can hint at a technique for such a wrapper.

Kind regards,

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