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Re: Conflict between elf.h and ELFTypes.h

>>I was tinkering with cross compiling the Linux kernel on Cygwin 1.7 and
>>go a new error since the last time. The kernel compression now uses some
>>more elf definitions for x86 which are in elf.h on Linux but in
>>ELFTypes.h on Cygwin 1.7. You cannot include both because there is a
>>conflict between elf.h and ELFTypes.h. This is in addition to the
>>non-x86 elf definitions used on Linux by scripts/mod/modpost which are
>>not available in the elf.h on Cygwin.
>Patches Thoughtfully Considered.

Fair enough. I'll see if I what I can figure out. How does one handle the copyright on header files which must have the exact same spelling and values for things like elf constants? ELFTypes.h is already GPL like the Linux elf.h while the Cygwin elf.h is copyright Red Hat Inc. with the "CYGWIN_LICENSE" ? Can we just copy paste the actual definitions and their descriptions or do we have to retype them and try to make up different descriptions and comments? Are the /usr/include headers and elf.h in particular the special domain of anyone I should consult with off list before cooking up patches?



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