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Re: Suggestion: Have setup.exe warn before upgrading 'cgywin' package itself

On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 02:46:12PM -0800, aputerguy wrote:
>Currently when upgrading the base 'cygwin' package, the installer only warns
>you midway through the installation after some files have been
>If you have other cygwin processes running, you may be left in an incomplete
>state where you can't or don't want to kill the other cygwin processes
>leaving you stuck in the middle of install while you wait to be able to
>finish or kill the existing cygwin processes. Even worse, several core
>cygwin utilities are now broken (such as 'ps') due to the partial install.
>I have done this inadvertently a couple of times when 'cygwin' gets thrown
>in as a part of another intentioned download.
>Today I was left in an even odder state since I ran 'setup.exe' from a bash
>prompt -- leaving me in a catch-22 since if I kill the bash processes then I
>kill setup but I can't continue until I kill the bash processes...

Why would doing a "kill -9" on the bash process kill setup.exe?  There is no
reason for that to happen.


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