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Can you clone entire cygwin setup from one pc to another

I would like to clone the cygwin setup from one pc to another.

Looking at the registry, it appears that at least in my case there are only
a few registry entries with the text cygwin in them, including the %path%
and several entries corresponding to the services I have set up (rsyncd,
sshd, XWin). There might be one or 2 others I am missing.

Conceptually, it seems that it would be sufficient to just copy over the
C:\cygwin folder (plus my home directory) and to clone the registry entries.
One would be advised of course to use rsync with the -H flag to make sure
hard links are preserved.

But is there something I am missing?
Has anybody packaged up a script to copy over the registry entries? (that
would be the part I worry most since I wouldn't want to miss any entries or
corrupt anything) Are there any "hidden" persistent security entries?

I'm sure this has been addressed before but my googling only led to posts
about people trying to copy over the tar packages but I saw little about
cloning the full cygwin installation.

I want to do this since it could be a *lot* faster than first installing the
packages (that's not the problem) and then painstakingly redoing all my
customizations that accumulate over time.
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