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Re: [1.7] Do the new security enhancements allow ssh under your own $USERNAME

On 11/05/2009 05:43 PM, aputerguy wrote:

I read the materials in "What's New" and the section "Windows Security in Cygwin" with interest since it describes new authentication potentials.

However, I did not understand the material well enough to know whether 1.7
will allow users to ssh under their own $USERNAME or whether you will always
get USERNAME=SYSTEM (assuming that you started sshd normally with

I use 'ssh' to log on to remote computers to initialize backups by setting
up shadow mounts. However, since vshadow won't run as user SYSTEM, I have to
go through crazy hoops using 'at' to launch the process at the next minute
in the future so that I can get vshadow to run.

This ssh/security limitation is odd coming from a *nix environment where ssh
gives you all the power you want or need...

Welcome to Windows! ;-)

I recommend that you try it and let us know if it solves your problem. The intent
is to get Windows to understand the actual user with pubkey authentication.

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