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Re: Problems with libintl-8

John Coppens wrote:
> When I run the program from Windows, I get a complaint that
> 'libintl-8.dll' is not found. It _is_ in \cygwin\bin   - just in case, I
> reinstalled it from setup.exe (Yesterday's version), same luck.

"libintl-8.dll" should NOT be in \cygwin\bin -- and a cygwin-compiled
application should not be looking for it.  The *cygwin* version of the
i18n library is "cygintl-8.dll", which is found in the "libintl8"
package. I'm assuming this was simply a typo...if not, then you've
somehow picked up a mingw version of the i18n library.

> Just to be sure, I also reinstalled the entire Cygwin package with the
> newer setup. Same thing.
> I don't know how Windows would find the .dll in \cygwin\bin - which is
> the mechanism? 

Windows uses the following algorithm to find DLLs:
  1. look in the same directory as the .exe
  2. look in the current directory
  3. look in the windows system directory (C:\Windows\system32\)
  4. look in the windows directory (C:\Windows)
  5. look in each of the directories in the PATH
Applications compiled using vis-studio 2005 or newer also can use binary
manifests compiled in to the .exe that explicitly specify certain other
information used to located DLLs; also, certain registry keys can affect
the search path.

But the important bits, for you, are items #1 and #5:

if you install your exe into C:\cygwin\bin, then it should work.

Or, if you set your PATH variable (My Computer->Properties->Advanced
System Settings [*]) so that it includes C:\cygwin\bin, that would work

You could even exploit #2 by creating a Windows Shortcut to your
executable, but set the Start In directory of the shortcut to C:\cygwin\bin.

> Don't I have to copy the dlls to \window\whatever? 

No, no, no, a thousand times no!  Application programs should never
clutter C:\Windows...

> Or is there some path coded in the .exe?

Not for cygwin (see vis studio note, above).


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