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Re: Problems with libintl-8

John Coppens wrote:

> I couldn't find any other solution, so I copied cygintl-8.dll
> to /usr/local/bin (which is where my program installed, and where
> Windows always looks it seems.).

This is usually a very bad idea.  If I release an updated version of
cygintl-8.dll (say, with a bugfix but no API change), that would only
update the one in C:\cygwin\bin, but you'd still have the old (buggy?)
version in /usr/local/bin.  This could cause errors and/or confusion.
They don't call it DLL Hell for nothing.

Changing the PATH, as Corinna suggested, is usually the best approach.

NOTE: on Vista the My Computer->Properties->Advanced System Settings
approach may not work: that only lets you set:

  The global system PATH
  The Administrator user's PATH

Instead, for "regular" users, each one should go into Control
Panel->User Accounts->Change My Environment Variables.

> Now the program doesn't complain about
> the missing dll anymore, but the application window appears and disappears
> immediately.
> Maybe something is wrong with the X window install.

Can't help you, there.


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