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Re: mintty doesn't run on NT4 due to lack of GetConsoleWindow

On 08/06/2009 08:02 AM, Stephan Mueller wrote:
Andy Koppe wrote:
" (And to be honest I don't see the point in Cygwin 1.7 still supporting
" NT4. Anyone willing to stick with an OS that's been unsupported for
" five years should be more than happy to stick with Cygwin 1.5.)

Agreed, it seems a bit inconsistent, and yet I can think of at least two
reasons a user might want an old Windows and a new Cygwin:
- user is aiming for as Unixy an experience as possible with minimal
   Windows interaction, hence always wants latest and greatest Cygwin
   and hopes never to disturb the Windows OS underneath.
- user is happy to upgrade Cygwin because of the price, but would
   rather not upgrade Windows, because of the price.


I use NT4 because it is reliable, responsive, and available (I have it already). I use it to test patches for gfortran under Cygwin 1.7. I figure if it works under NT4 with basic win32 features it is a safe bet it will work elsewhere. Maybe I am wrong, but it works for me. I run in VirtualBox on Linux (Linux being my preferred real OS) I provide binaries of gfortran (latest trunk) for Cygwin users as a courtesy and to enable as broad a testing base as I can get for this Gnu software. I wish I could encourage more people to just move to Linux, but I am not unrealistic about that.



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