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Re: [1.7] passwd: useless if used with a logged on domain user

On Mar 22 17:34, J?lio Costa wrote:
> ~ $ # Just typed Ctrl-C. Not in the mood right now :)
> ~ $ # And now for the interesting part:
> ~ $ ./my_passwd.exe -S SYSTEM
> my_passwd: unknown user SYSTEM

The SYSTEM user is not in the user database.  So that's an expected

> ~ $ # Ooops. And what about
> ~ $ ./my_passwd.exe -S Administrator
> You have no maintenance privileges.

I can't reproduce this one, but maybe that's just a different case of
the same as this one:

> ~ $ # Ouch. If I may insist:
> ~ $ ./my_passwd.exe -d $HOSTNAME -S Administrator
> my_passwd: unknown user security

I applied another fix to passwd to decouple the logonserver for fetching
the user info for the running user account from the user info for the
user account which is going to be manipulated by passwd.


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