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Re: Libtool 2.2.2

Brian Dessent wrote:

This shouldn't be too big of a problem as the libtool packages are
> only needed if you relibtoolize something -- which you normally do not
> when building from a tarball, only from a VCS checkout. Though
> building any cygport-ized package seems to force the issue since it
> likes to forcibly "autoreconf -fvi".

Perhaps I am missing something, but if you say

> it is incompatible with the libtool1.5 package,
> which means you have to manually deselect all other libtool packages
> if you select libtool2.2

and if cygport depend on libtool1.5, how can the user who needs libtool2.2 install it without uninstalling libtool1.5+cygport+...?

If I try to uninstall libtool1.5, setup.exe says that cygport depend on it and stops the procedure at least one force it.

If one install libtool2.2 without removing anything, it overwrite libtool1.5, and I think this is a little confusing.

Suppose that an hypotetical user have not yet installed cygport and libtool* packages. Then this user install libtool2.2. Suppose now that the user needs also cygport: installing it, automatically libtool1.5 is chosen, overwriting libtool2.2! So the user thinks is using libtool2.2 instead, since installing cygport, is using libtool1.5!


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