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Suggestion for Setup.exe: Implement resume feature

I am brand new to all things Cygwin so I am writing from the
prospective of the complete newbie.  I did read the FAQs and search
this newsgroup first though, like a good newbie.

Setup.exe lacks a resume feature as far as I can tell.  I was in the
process of "Install from Internet" for the first time, downloading
many MBs which took over 45 minutes.  I know now to select far fewer
packages.  But anyway, something urgent came up and I had to shut down
my computer, so I had to click the Cancel button.

Later, I ran Setup again and was dismayed when it did not remember
where it left off.  It began to download the same files from the
beginning.  Taking up about an hour of my time is of course negligible
but it is a waste of bandwidth for the mirrors.

On the "Choose A Download Site" screen on this second run of Setup I
selected a site at random and the message popped up:

"This setup.ini is older than the one you used last time you installed
cygwin.  Proceed anyway?  Yes/No"

Clicking "No" causes the entire Setup program to exit.  I had to run
it again and select the install directory and temp file folder once
more (because I didn't want the defaults).  It was not clear at first
that this older setup.ini was from my install directory and not from
the download site chosen as I inferred.  I had thought that selecting
a different site would avoid that message.  Clearing out the install
directory fixes this, though I was hesitant to do it thinking I could
resume where I left off.  I understand Setup can be run multiple times
using the same directories to facilitate updating/adding packages,
however my installation was never completed.

Would an option asking to overwrite the older setup.ini be good?  Or
perhaps a clearer message that recommends using an empty folder for
the install location?  Also a check at startup, if possible, to detect
any older setup.ini and then show the message box at that time, rather
than a few screens into the process.

Setup.exe version 2.573.2.2
XP Pro (all patches)

Thank you,

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