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RE: File creation time oddity (new findings)

> > So the effect seems to be the same as before: As if a 
> different clock
> > were used when calculating the time stamps for creating a file, or
> > for modifying it.
> Hmm, could it be that your files reside on a remote mount, 
> and that NFS is
> reflecting the time of the remote machine (ie. the remote 
> machine leads or
> lags your machine)?

Indeed, this is the case. On the remote (Linux-) machine, ntp was not

Interestingly, although this is corrected now (the remote machine and my
workstation both synchronize to the same time server), the times between
two systems is slightly different (now the remote system being a little
ahead in time, less than 2 seconds, than my system). From what I can
the time on the remote system seems to be the correct one, and Windows
seems to have trouble staying in sync with the internet time server, 
although Windows synchronizes every hour. But this is certainly not a 
problem which belongs to the Cygwin mailing list, and I mention it here
for completeness.

> > Could it be that file creation times are put into the directory
> > in a different way if it is a mapped drive from the network?
> It is an artifact of how Windows interacts with remote drives in the
> presence of clock skew between the machines.

Thank you for clarification.

Ronald Fischer <>
Phone: +49-89-452133-162

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