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Re: rsync problems from Vista installed cygwin, ok on XP

Corinna Vinschen-2 wrote:
> For testing I copied over the whole /usr directory from my Vista box to
> a Linux machine.  I'm rather puzzled how setting permissions on the
> *remote* machine should be affected by the OS of the source machine.
> I guess we need much more information.  Are the affected directories
> Cygwin-created directories or natively created dirs?  Do they contain
> spaces or native characters?  What are the local permissions on them
> (getfacl/cacls)?  Does your Vista account have admin privileges?  UAC
> switched on?  If so, is rsync running normally with reduced privileges
> or "as administrator"?  Is your remote Unix account root or non-root?
> Corinna

OK, encouraged by hearing that it works for you from Vista to a Linux
machine, I have retraced my steps and tried a much simpler contrived
example.  I set up a little folder tree c:\4up with a single file called
somejunk.txt and one subfolder with two files, a txt and a jpg, latter with
spaces but certainly no special characters.  That's on the Vista pc.  Then I
putty'd across to my ftp area on a Linux server and created a new subfolder
there called .../4up to copy these files to via rsync.  ls shows total 0 in
Then back on Vista pc in cygwin I cd'd to the 4up folder and typed in this
dry run rsync command....

$ rsync -avzn --stats --progress -e ssh .

It happily responded, listing the 2 directories and 3 files and no errors.
I then repeated the command without the dry run -n flag... ie set it live.
It came up with all the errors as before...

$ rsync -avz --stats --progress -e ssh .'s password:
building file list ...
5 files to consider
rsync: failed to modify permissions on "/home/xxx/yyy/4up/.": Permission
denied (13)
rsync: recv_generator: failed to stat "/home/xxx/yyy/4up/somejunk.txt":
Permission denied (13)
20070709 mach refresh issue/
rsync: recv_generator: mkdir "/home/xxx/yyy/4up/20070709 mach refresh issue"
failed: Permission denied (13)
*** Skipping everything below this failed directory ***
rsync: failed to modify permissions on "/home/xxx/yyy/4up/20070709 mach
refresh issue": Permission denied (13)
rsync: recv_generator: mkdir "/home/xxx/yyy/4up/." failed: Permission denied
*** Skipping everything below this failed directory ***


and after doing this failed rsync, I went back to the putty window to look
at the remote machine and typed ls again... and bingo... permission denied. 
cd .. and ls -l shows the directory 4up with permission now set to 0:
d---------   2 xxxx xxxxx   48 Aug 17 07:42 4up/


Let me answer the rest of the questions if I can.
The affected directories are not cygwin created, now or before.  They are
natively created.
They do not contain special chars, nor does the full path to the first file
even contain a space  c:\4up\somjunk.txt but the subfolder and the two files
in it contain spaces.
Local permissions...  haven't used getfacl before but tried it in cygwin and
got this...

daveb@daveb9400 /cygdrive/c/4up
$ getfacl *
# file: 20070709 mach refresh issue
# owner: daveb
# group: None

# file: somejunk.txt
# owner: daveb
# group: None


Vista account is only one on machine, has admin privileges.
UAC is switched on.
I did have cygwin, hence rsync running normally in this test, but now that
you remind me, I also tried it before using "Run As Administrator" on
cygwin. Made no difference.
Remote unix account is non root... I am using a service provider's Linux
box, don't know much about the machine, but I have 200GB of file space
available up there somewhere in the US.
I can putty to it and type in some commands to report info back if there is
something specific to find out. Also can talk to their tech support 24/7.

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