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Re: Installer tasks

Dave Korn wrote:

  This is why most people recommend just copying across the local packages
dir, and running setup.exe on the new machine telling it to "install from
local package dir".  There's a fairly open-ended and underspecified list of
things you'd have to fix up manually if you try to copy the whole install


Thanks for the feedback.

I have a script which so far does:

* Mounts
* Adds some users and messes with their rights
* Redoes password files
* Adds some services
* Fixes permissions across the whole file tree
* Starts said services

I did originally try and package the whole install up as an MSI, but it's just a horrible tool and I gave up.

On two of the hosts that I have installed this on there are the problems with slow fork()'s (see my other thread), so I was wondering if I'd missed something.

I'd assume I wouldn't need _most_ of the post install since that would be duplicated by copying the c:\cygwin\ dir.

I'm trying to get a maintenance window to reboot and rebaseall on the machines in question. Only they're terminal servers in use by people in several timezones :(



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