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Re: How to rename file case-sensitive?

Jeff Hawk wrote:

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Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 10:03 AM
Subject: Re: How to rename file case-sensitive?

Fergus wrote:
rename foo Foo
Wish it was so easy. The syntax is
rename from to filelist
so here you need
rename foo Foo foo
How about:

$ mv foo bar && mv bar foo

Looks like a NOOP to me
Dang! I used to have "Foo" at the end!


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Dang 2! Not *that's* a long sig. I always chuckle at the silly attempt to make this legal statement. It carries absolutely 0 weight but company's still force you to put them one (I'm guessing you're forced...). Tell me, if I did "disseminate or distribute" the contents of your messages do you really believe that some how you saying I was "strictly prohibited" from using it it would somehow bind me in any legal sense of the word? Indeed you putting out information on the public internet is akin to shouting in the park and you can't then attempt to prohibit anybody that hears/sees your public ramblings... (well you *could* attempt it but you would not succeed)
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