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Re: Error when attempting to start inetd

Michael Grand wrote:

> Thanks, putting -D in the arguments list fixed the problem.  However, it
> does not let me access the pop3 server or the imap server.  Here is what
> my output looks like:
> $ telnet localhost 110
> Trying
> Connected to FAMILYROOM.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> Connection closed by foreign host.

Probably your firewall is blocking any communication.

> The same happens for imap.
> I have included "pop3  stream  tcp  nowait  root   /usr/sbin/uw-ipop3d"
> and "imap  stream  tcp  nowait  root   /usr/sbin/uw-imapd" in the
> inetd.conf file and everything else appears to have been setup correctly.

The configuration looks fine.  I don't use the old version of uw-imap anymore
(the one distributed through Cygwin), but I do use the latest (which compiles
out of the box).  There was no problem with using the old version, I still think
its your firewall (Windows firewall).

> The inetd.log file has just this to say on the problem:
> someone wants pop3
> accept, ctrl 3
> + Closing from 22
> 2820 execl /usr/sbin/uw-ipop3d
> 2820 reaped, status 0x3500
> someone wants imap
> accept, ctrl 3
> + Closing from 22
> 2024 execl /usr/sbin/uw-imapd
> 2024 reaped, status 0x3500

I don't get any log output from inetd, so this is strange (and TBird is opening
and closing several connections all the time, imapd does send some output to

However, 0x3500 is probably Windows' error 53:

$ net helpmsg 53

The network path was not found.

Since I assume /usr/sbin/uw-imapd.exe does exist (no need to put the .exe), I
have no idea what is wrong, perhaps "C:\Cygwin\bin" is not on your global
(Windows) PATH and the required libraries (.dll) can't be found.
René Berber

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