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Re: How to close a SSH connection from a BAT file

Anthony de Sousa wrote:

> I am hoping that someone may be able to advise as to whether the following is
> possible. I have a server running SSH as a service (SRVA) and another server
> (SRVB) which runs the SSH client and port forwards port 139. On SRVB I have
> an existing BAT file that I wish to wrap the port forwarding around so that
> port 139 goes through port 22. This all works except that I also wand to drop
> the SSH connection after the BAT file has finished what it needs to do. Is
> this possible as I am finding that I end up with two command windows with one
> still running the SSH connection. The simple BAT that I initiate is as follows:
> @echo off
> cd c:\dirb
> rem the following line starts the existing bat file in a seperate window
> Start run1.bat
> rem
> cd c:\cygwin\bin
> bash -c "(ssh -N -L srvusr@srvb)"
> As stated this all works and the output of run1.bat is transferred to SRVB
> however I would like the connection dropped and the window terminated.

The best way is to run the ssh command as a service using cygrunsrv. 
Then your batch file amounts to:

@echo off
net start sshtunnelservicename
net stop sshtunnelservicename

Failing that you can record the PID and use it to kill the ssh process

@echo off
setsid sh -c 'echo $$ >/var/run/; exec ssh -N -L srvusr@srvb'
sh -c 'kill -INT $(cat /var/run/'

(This assumes you have the Cygwin bin directory in the PATH, if you
don't then just use absolute paths to setsid and bash.)

Also, if you only want the one command window I don't see why you are
doing "start run1.bat".  You don't need to use start, just call run1.bat
from the other batch file and when it's done stop the ssh process.


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