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How to close a SSH connection from a BAT file

I am hoping that someone may be able to advise as to whether the following is 
possible. I have a server running SSH as a service (SRVA) and another server 
(SRVB) which runs the SSH client and port forwards port 139. On SRVB I have  
an existing BAT file that I wish to wrap the port forwarding around so that 
port 139 goes through port 22. This all works except that I also wand to drop 
the SSH connection after the BAT file has finished what it needs to do. Is 
this possible as I am finding that I end up with two command windows with one 
still running the SSH connection. The simple BAT that I initiate is as follows:

@echo off
cd c:\dirb
rem the following line starts the existing bat file in a seperate window
Start run1.bat
cd c:\cygwin\bin
bash -c "(ssh -N -L srvusr@srvb)"

As stated this all works and the output of run1.bat is transferred to SRVB 
however I would like the connection dropped and the window terminated.

Thanking you in advance


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