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Re: Using RSH on Windows 2003 server?

Li_Adrian wrote:

> I realize that ssh is safer, but my boss said that he wants rsh because
> that is what the rest of our computers are running, or something along
> those lines.  I even got ssh to work, and he still said that he wanted
> rsh.  Believe me, I was pushing for ssh.  I now get a different answer,
> however, when I run rsh commands ("Permission denied.")  Is anyone
> willing to help?

The messages you are receiving ("No Remote Directory.", "Permission denied.")
point out a problem with the user's HOME directory.

It would be better if you specify the steps you used for testing:

- Did you create /etc/passwd and /etc/group on the server;
- Are they local users or domain users;
- Have you tried rlogin?
- Do you get the server's welcome message and prompt for a passwd (if not then
check `which rsh` you are using -- Windows has it's own rsh command).
René Berber


Both of those files were created on the server, in the correct directory.  The users are domain users.  Rlogin works through Cygwin, and it prompted me for the password.  Rsh still does not work though.

And to all those condemning me for using rsh, I'm sorry, I'm only an intern and I do what I'm told (I tried getting them to switch to ssh, but they wouldn't).


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