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Re: Using RSH on Windows 2003 server?

Li_Adrian wrote:

>> - Did you create /etc/passwd and /etc/group on the server;
> Both of those files were created on the server, in the correct directory.

>> - Are they local users or domain users;
> The users are domain users.

>> - Have you tried rlogin?
> Rlogin works through Cygwin, and it prompted me
> for the password.  Rsh still does not work though.

>> - Do you get the server's welcome message and prompt for a passwd (if not
then check `which rsh` you
> are using -- Windows has it's own rsh command).

Just some random toughts:

- Man rshd shows the meaning of the second error message you received,
"Permission denied.
       The authentication procedure described above failed."
so better test with the same user name that worked with rlogin.

- Windows 2003 server may have its own rshd service running; that could explain
why rlogin works (it's Cygwin's rlogin service) and rsh does not (it's Windows
shell service).  The shell service may even be disabled by default in
/etc/inetd.conf (I don't know, I usually disable a lot of things there).

- Domain users may have their HOME directory on remote machines, mounted
directories, and that may be a problem which explains the access denied message.
René Berber

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