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Re: Bash 3.1.17(9) $@ Expansion error

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According to Mark Fortescue on 12/19/2006 5:55 PM:
> Hi,
> Back in start of November (6th), I had to re-install/upgrade cygwin/bash
> to alow me to use some additional programs. At this time I found out
> that the upgraded bash had a fault in it that prevented it from
> expanding $@ correctly. Not being a subscriber to the mailing list I did
> not see the reply from Eric untill today.
> I have just upgraded to bash-3.2.9(9)-release and the BUG is still
> present,

Is your bug reproducible on other platforms besides cygwin?  If so, report
it upstream.  At any rate, post more details than just 'it still doesn't
work', such as a recipe for recreating it, if you would like help in
tackling it.

> together with some more serious ones:
>   When used in an Xterm under X (xinit), bash repeatedly tries to access
>   memory that it should not access and at times it terminates without
>   warning for no known reason.

Again, a formula for reproducing this would be worthwhile, since I have
never encountered this behavior.  And more details on how you arrived at
the conclusion that it is bash accessing invalid memory (such as the
address in question, or a stack trace) would be useful, in case the
problem is really a buggy Windows device driver.

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