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Re: cygwin Digest 5 Jul 2006 17:15:27 -0000 Issue 5039

> > Subject: setup.exe roadblocks
> > 
> > Aloha,
> > 
> > Setup has the annoying habit of pausing a download/install to deliver
> > information that isn't necessary until the run is complete.
> > 
> > This often makes the install take much longer.  Would be nice if you
> > could walk away and come back later to a completed install -- this has
> > become unlikely on subsequent runs that add more packages.
> > 
> > Richard
> > --
> I've been using setup for years and I cannot remember having the
> experience that you describe.  Perhaps you could give more detail.
> Though one common suggestion with setup problems is to try another
> mirror.  I've no idea whether that would work but it doesn't cost much.
> Another possibility is to download and install in two separate steps.  I
> don't remember the circumstance but I vaguely recall needing to do that
> some years ago.
> - Barry

My apologies for the substandard report.  I forgot to take notes the
last time it happened.  :-(  Now I remember ... it's the message that
warns about files having changed -- so you need to reboot or things
won't work right.

But this stops the download until you dismiss the popup.  :-(


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