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Re: cygwin fork problem maybe?

Linda W wrote:

> Windows just doesn't support forking at all, as far as I know.
> activeperl emulates forking using win32 threads. I don'tknow how cygwin
> handles it, but my guess is that it's not very well :-(

This smells like total FUD.  This person that admittedly does not use
Cygwin nor obviously know anything about Cygwin says that it's a fork
problem and that's that?  Fork may be a problem for Activestate but
Cygwin fully emulates fork just fine, as does Cygwin's perl.  The Cygwin
DLL goes to extreme lengths to make sure this work.  Just about every
Cygwin compiled app that invokes a subprogram uses fork in some form,
for example every shell command you type is a fork/exec.

"my guess is that it's not very well" without any specific indication as
to why or how fork is even related seems like nonsense to me.  I
certainly don't know why this module is failing, but just because
Activestate's implementation of fork is terrible doesn't mean Cygwin's
is too.


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