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Re: Visibility of Samba shares after ssh login

mwoehlke wrote:
Guenter Bachler wrote:
I started the ssh-server on the windows client in order to log-on to a Linux maschine
and vice verse. On the Windows client several SAMBA shares have been mapped
and correctly displayed with the 'mount' command in the cygwin shell.

Now invoking an ssh login session from the Linux machine on the Windows client
(under my regular Windows account), the mount command does not display the
SAMBA shares anymore (beginning with drive letters k)

Is there any simple procedure to remount all SAMBA shares
automatically in the ssh session?

Not an answer, but I have a similar problem... In fact, this is AFAICT one of *the* most common problems (and yes I've STFW and STFML and did not find a solution that WFM'd). So, if you figure it out, please share.

(The annoying part is that I somehow got this to work on *one* computer, and can't figure out how to do it again.)

Anyway, does 'net use' on your ssh session show all the "missing" drives as "unavailable"?

Eureka! It helps to pay attention to what is actually going on on the *working* computer :-). I apparently got things working by hacking my sshd service to run '/bin/bash -c /usr/local/sbin/sshd_init' (which is a script I wrote) instead of '/usr/sbin/sshd'. My 'sshd_init' looks something like this:


export PATH="/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:$PATH"
export CYGWIN='tty'
for drv in <network drives>
  do net use ${drv}: /delete &>/dev/null
net use <drive>: <network-path>
umount <...> &>/dev/null # unmount anything that needs to be mounted
mount -f <...>
/usr/sbin/sshd -D

Interix, Sphinterix. Cygwin apps don't crash. :-)

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