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Re: Visibility of Samba shares after ssh login

<>, also TOFU reformatted...

Guenter wrote:
mwoehlke wrote:
Guenter Bachler wrote:
I started the ssh-server on the windows client in order to log-on
to a Linux maschine and vice verse. On the Windows client several
SAMBA shares have been mapped and correctly displayed with the
'mount' command  in the cygwin shell.

Now invoking an ssh login session from the Linux machine on the Windows client (under my regular Windows account), the mount
command does not display the SAMBA shares anymore (beginning
with drive letters k)

Is there any simple procedure to remount all SAMBA shares automatically in the ssh session?

Anyway, does 'net use' on your ssh session show all the "missing" drives as "unavailable"?

Yes, 'net use' lists all missing drives as 'unavailable'.

Ok, that's expected (but helps confirm what's going on).

I am currently playing with a python script using
wshnw.MapNetworkDrive to re-map the network connections.
It starts to work but there are still some error messages
concerning denied access to the samba shares.

Well, without knowing what those errors are, we can't do much to help.

You could also try something like the solution I posted in follow-up
to my previous message...

Doom doom dooM doo-DooM dOOm DOom doOM... DOOM! -- Gir

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