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Re: Problems with setup colors in snapshot

On Mon, 22 May 2006, mwoehlke wrote:

Igor Peshansky wrote:
> On Mon, 22 May 2006, mwoehlke wrote:
> > A while back I posted about the colors in setup.exe. I noticed that the
> > text background color is fixed but that there is still a problem with
> > the tree structure; specifically, the clickable [+] and [-] icons are,
> > on my colors, effectively invisible. On some other color schemes I
> > tried, they *are* 100% invisible.
> Yes, this is most likely reproducible (as the foreground color of those
> icons is *always* black.
>> 3: If I pick, e.g. (64,0,128) for my window background color, the
>> tree becomes the *exact* same color as the background.
> Hmm, weird -- for me the foreground color of the icons is *always*
> black.

Unfortunately, a: this isn't the case for me, and b: as you've so
astutely pointed out, if it was that would still be problematic :-). (In
reality, I've learned that *someone* is always going to exercise poor
design and so I usually pick a background light enough for black to be
at least marginally visible against it).

Besides, I was wrong -- the foreground isn't always black, it may sometimes be the inverted background color.

Anyway, I'm going to violate "policy" and attach a screenshot, as it
seems prudent in this case. The screenshot is with my "normal" settings;
if you open it in a graphics editor with a non-fuzzy bucket fill tool
(e.g. M$Paint), you can flood the background and see that the tree is
actually being painted, but in a /very/ subtly different color (in fact
it is (66,74,80), which I *can* barely on my other monitor at much
closer range - or if I magnify it). However this is "clearly not black"


> Theoretically, it should be a simple matter of using MaskBlt instead
> of BitBlt with the properly configured pen color and the properly set
> up mask.  In practice, making this work on all platforms (including
> Win9x), correctly, and with the minimum amount of code changes is a
> big pain.

I'm using Win2k3 R2 x64 and (see attached screenshot) I can assure you
it doesn't work on my system. Maybe my OS is the problem? (Hmm... yup,
the problem has to be Windows ;-).)

Also, I'd test on my XP system but it is consistently dereferencing a
NULL :-(. (On W2k3 R2 it did that *once* and has since run just fine.)

MaskBlt isn't available on Win9x systems.

> If you're interested in looking at the code and providing a patch,
> grep the setup sources for bitmap_dc (or BitBlt) and patch all those
> places.
> If someone can take one of the bitmaps from the setup sources, and
> send me a *complete* small program that draws that bitmap on a window
> drawing context with the foreground and background colors coming from
> the Windows color scheme, I'll see what I can do about incorporating
> that code into setup.  As is, I'm too busy to wade through MSDNs
> incomplete documentation on this.

I wish I could get to it, but I don't have the time right now :-(. I
would appreciate if someone else can do it, otherwise if I haven't heard
anything I may try to tackle this myself when I *do* have time.

Actually, I looked into this last night, and it turned out to be not too bad for the common case. There are still some glitches left, but it's better than what we have now. I'll send a preliminary patch to cygwin-apps shortly.

> > Also, thanks again to whoever fixed the text color!
> The ChangeLogs should show the name of the culprit.

Yeah, I'm too lazy to go download it right now and send a private e-mail,
etc... I was hoping they watch the list ;-).

No need to download anything: <> BTW, private emails are really discouraged, and most people working on setup do read this list. Igor -- |\ _,,,---,,_ | ZZZzz /,`.-'`' -. ;-;;,_ Igor Peshansky, Ph.D. (name changed!) |,4- ) )-,_. ,\ ( `'-' old name: Igor Pechtchanski '---''(_/--' `-'\_) fL a.k.a JaguaR-R-R-r-r-r-.-.-. Meow!

"Las! je suis sot... -Mais non, tu ne l'es pas, puisque tu t'en rends compte."
"But no -- you are no fool; you call yourself a fool, there's proof enough in
that!" -- Rostand, "Cyrano de Bergerac"

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