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Problems with setup colors in snapshot

A while back I posted about the colors in setup.exe. I noticed that the text background color is fixed but that there is still a problem with the tree structure; specifically, the clickable [+] and [-] icons are, on my colors, effectively invisible. On some other color schemes I tried, they *are* 100% invisible.

I didn't see any response last time, so... is anyone able to reproduce this? I know P are TC but I don't have time to play with this right now :-(.

Also, thanks again to whoever fixed the text color!

More info:

0: I am looking at the latest, 2.529 snapshot of setup.exe, however I also see it in the (older) most recent "release" setup.exe.

1: It seems that "window background" is the only color that has any effect on the tree color. Therefore, the color must be somehow calculated from this(?). This might even be a bug in the UI component being used (i.e. a bug in M$ code).

2: My current "window background" color is (70,74,80), which makes the tree effectively invisible, but tinkering with a screenshot in M$Paint shows that it is still a *marginally* different color.

3: If I pick, e.g. (64,0,128) for my window background color, the tree becomes the *exact* same color as the background.

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