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Re: Reading Term::ReadKey support for ActiveState Perl and Cygwin

Igor Peshansky wrote:
On Mon, 22 May 2006, Paul Dorman wrote:
Yes, I've done some more research and experimentation and determined the lack of STDIN and STOUT in Cygwin makes it impossible to do what I would like with ActiveState Perl.
Huh? Cygwin does have STDIN and STDOUT -- they are just not bound to a console, and ActivePerl doesn't like that.
I don't mind Cygwin Perl at all, but here we must use the ActiveState implementation (by policy).
And what would the crucial difference be between an ActiveState implementation's behavior and Cygwin's? I mean, can't you simply run the Perl script using Cygwin's perl? Then you get the best of both worlds...
I believe Paul said 1) the policy of the company was to use ActiveState Perl and 2) not all servers have Cygwin installed. I've hit this stuff too. Best you can do is 1) point out the deficiencies of Active State (this problem and try calling setsid! IIRC signals were messy and unreliable too) and 2) just ignore policy and go around and install Cygwin as you need it.
Is this situation likely to improve in the future? Could a real terminal be created for Cygwin complete with STDIN and STDOUT? I imagine it's a pretty difficult thing to implement...
Most likely not -- Cygwin uses ptys (pipes, essentially) to simulate ttys for processes that can't be bound to a Windows console, and there may be real restrictions (e.g., Windows limitations) for not being able to implement what you're asking for without breaking existing Cygwin functionality. However, if it is really important to your company, you can try looking into funding some research on this (either via a Cygwin support contract with Red Hat, or via direct donations to a private
Paul's probably hitting problems with ActiveState due to ptys that you get when remotely logging in or when using things like rxvt. Try it from a locally logged in DOS box.
Andrew DeFaria <>
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