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Re: ssh from remote system into cygwin bash, JScript engine won't run

On Fri, 28 Apr 2006, David Wuertele wrote:

> I have an IDE ("VDSP++") from a vendor on which I'm trying to automate
> software builds.  It is a windows-only application, and they require
> that I write scripts for the IDE in JScript.
> When I use the windows host's console display to run a cygwin bash
> shell, I can execute my automated build just fine:
>        /path/to/vendors/Idde.exe -f /path/to/my/script.js
> But when I use ssh to remotely login to the windows host, also on a
> bash shell, and try to execute the automated build, it complains that
> the JScript engine can't be loaded.
> I verified
> 1) my environment variables are set identically in both the local case
>    and the remote login case
> 2) in the service control panel, the sshd's login properties tab has
>    "allow interaction with display" enabled
> My vendor tells me that something in cygwin's sshd is probably
> preventing the windows JScript DLL from loading properly.  Does anyone
> here have experience running an appliaction over sshd that uses
> JScript?

It's quite possible that the JScript engine needs to allocate an invisible
window, and is unable to do so because sshd cannot interact with the
desktop.  You might play with the "-i" and "-j" flags to cygrunsrv when
installing sshd.
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