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Re: Fixing the state of C++ in Cygwin

Angelo Graziosi wrote:

After applying the PR24196 patch to basic_string.h and basic_string.tcc,
rebuilding ROOT, it works!

Possibly ROOT uses a templated form of string other than the ones explicitly instantiated in libstdc++ (char/wchar I believe), as this simply shouldn't work due to the explicit instantiation, and even if disabled for the types it did that for (as in my fancy attempt at m4 to fix it), it's a flip of a coin as to if you get the broken version in libstdc++ or not.

There's simply no way to solve this for all cases without a recompile of libstdc++. Since no one's made a call on whether to use the patch or the config option, I'll look into rolling one using the config option sometime this week when I get time and fixing up the build/patch, as I much prefer a known-working option to a still-in-progress patch.

As an example of why just patching the headers won't work, try to compile and run my old weirdbug[1] example - type make and run xxx-cygwin.exe. If it aborts, the problem still exists on your system. I just tested it, and as expected, simply patching the files like that didn't fix it.


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