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Re: new cygwin dlls

On Thu, Jan 26, 2006 at 08:11:23AM +0100, Reini Urban wrote:
>2006/1/26, Christopher Faylor <>:
>> On Thu, Jan 26, 2006 at 03:39:14AM +0000, Eric Blake wrote:
>> >>Has a fix been found for building emacs on the new cygwin versions 5.19
>> >>and up yet?
>> >
>> >Yes - browse the list archives - the idea is that anywhere that emacs
>> >uses a non-zero d_ino to mean the entry returned from readdir is valid,
>> >just add a small patch to that area of code that treats ALL directory
>> >entries as valid without reading d_ino.
>> FWIW, it looks like some of our highly trained on-staff programmers may
>> have a plan for resurrecting an all-singing/all-dancing d_ino for every
>> platform but NT4.
>> So, expect d_ino in a snapshot soon - back in Cygwin by popular demand.
>> And, if you're using NT4 - well sorry.  You can blame that programmer or
>> programmers for not being clever enough to figure out how to make it
>> work there.
>So seperate emacs binaries for NT4 and Win95, besides the good >= XP?

No.  There would be no change in inode behavior for Win9x since those systems
do not have real inodes.  Only NT4 would suffer from the old problem of d_ino
being != st_ino.

But, then, one of our staff engineers has reported a setback in using this
technique so maybe I was premature in announcing victory.


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