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Re: new cygwin dlls

> Has a fix been found for building emacs on the new cygwin versions
> 5.19 and up yet?

Yes - browse the list archives - the idea is that anywhere that
emacs uses a non-zero d_ino to mean the entry returned from
readdir is valid, just add a small patch to that area of code that
treats ALL directory entries as valid without reading d_ino.

> There is at least one problem with d_ino as you know.
> An possibly another, since temacs crashes with a stack dump,
> during bootstrap.

If you are building emacs from source on cygwin, you should
consider maintaining it - to my knowledge, no one has stepped
up yet since the request for maintainers:

> cygwin distribution has an early emacs in it.  Will it still run on
> the newer 5.19 versions? Has any regression testing been carryied out?

The cygwin1.dll strives to maintain backward compatibility.  A
binary of emacs compiled against an earlier cygwin will still
work with cygwin 1.5.19 (as I can attest, as I use emacs 21.3.50-2,
compiled in Mar 2004, on a daily basis).

> Has anyone been assigned to look into these problems?

You ask this like someone here is paid to resolve your problems.  This
is an open source project, and things only get fixed if people volunteer
their time to do so; and lately, no one that uses emacs has been
willing to provide active maintainence on cygwin (however,
xemacs has been actively maintained).  Furthermore, if it
is that important to you, but you are unwilling to maintain
it yourself, you could consider paying someone else for
the feature; Red Hat does have a plan in place for support
contracts, to some extent.  While I would be sad to see
emacs dropped from the cygwin distribution, I do not have
enough time to actively maintain it, or I would have volunteered

Eric Blake

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