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Re: Perl/TK Missing Dependency Found

> > After tedious research, I've figured out that the missing package
> > is: libwmf.
> None of the perl-Tk modules link against libwmf, and a grep of the
> sources for "wmf" returns nothing.
> In addition, neither Debian nor Gentoo show libwmf as a requirement
> for their packages.
> Can you please explain the basis for your findings?

It works.

Create the following perl program:

use Tk;

my $mw = MainWindow->new;

	-text => "Exit",
	-background => "red",
	-command => sub { exit; },
	)->pack( -side => 'bottom' , -fill => 'both' );	


Run it in, you get a nice exit button.

Uninstall the package libwmf.

Run it, it core dumps.

As I said in my original postings, I suspected it wasn't directly linked
in.  I honestly don't know precisely why or how, but I know that without
     this package, the simply script above doesn't work.

Please confirm on your system, should be trival, and add the dependency.

Please also bear in mind, that I only install what I need, the default
plus minimum, in this case, Perl/Tk. If this doesn't work on your
please try this approach.

Thank you,

Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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