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configuration problems re cygdrive

Well, I had Cygwin installed as part of the Apache2Triad WAMP installation,
and it was cool enough I went to the Cygwin site and loaded Cygwin from the
setup utility, using the defaults. That was cool, but I figured I was
missing a lot of options so I reloaded it with everything (I kind of like to
experiment) since I wanted to use KDE and a couple of utilities without
having to reboot into UBUNTU. I couldn't find the kdeinit file, and when I
tried to updatedb I received a message like "cygwinc/c/cygdrive already
exists with the same inode and device number in another directory three
levels higher in the hierarchy". (Close to actual message.)

So I uninstalled cygwin. Lo and behold, I still had a cygwin directory which
wouldn't uninstall from the setup utility. So I deleted the files and
directories, but when I use the Windows search utility I still see cygwin
artifacts and directories, some of which were not possible to remove because
"couldn't read from source or file".

So, now I have questions: How specifically, would I locate the second (or
first) instance of cygwin/c/cygdrive and reconcile it to my actual

Is anyone running Apache, MySQL, Python/Perl/PHP under Cygwin? If so, could
you direct me to some setup directions? Or should I just use the Cygwin
setup and use those settings? (I'm willing to remove Apache2triad stuff if I
can have the same or better functionality.) I already have Java installed...

Does anyone run KDE under Cywin? What little helpful hints would make it
easier for me to get it up and running?

I've heard a little about colinux...Do I want to do this? Are there any big
advantages or drawbacks?

Lastly, I don't really need all the things that can be installed from the
setup utility (I just felt like overeating, so to speak), so is there a list
of Best Apps that I could use to limit my setup and still get maximum
flexibility? For instance, I doubt I need both Apache 2 and Apache 1.x on my
system, but what about the libraries like glibc? And some of these things
might conflict with each there a list of known conflicts?

(I'm feeling a little trepidation here...Cygwin could get to be as big an
administration job as a regular LINUX distro, right?)

Thanks for your help,

Mike Burke

"There are 10 kinds of people; those who understand binary and those who

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