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RE: potential fix for cygwin's "no system bell" problem

> >I must have missed something - did "MessageBeep(-1)" never 
> get put in?  
> >Or did it stop working?  MSDN still documents it as working even 
> >without a sound card.
> It got put in but it didn't work for everyone.  And, for some 
> people, like me, it worked for a while and then stopped.  
> Maybe you were one of this group, in fact:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhohohohohhohohh... Oh yeah, it's all coming back to me
now.  And after all that time I spent repressing it.... :-(.

> One possible reason for my problem is that Norton 
> "uninstalls" the registry key and presumably other packages 
> do this as well.  I did have some Norton demo stuff on my 
> system for a while so it's possible that is what affected me. 
>  Either that or maybe it just somehow stopped working after I 
> transferred stuff to the "new" hyperthreading machine.
> Anyway, back in 2003 and 2004, people were reporting 
> problems.  I wasn't having any problems, thought this was 
> just a fluke, and completely forgot about it.  Yesterday, 
> someone on irc was complaining about the system beep and I 
> noticed that my bell had stopped working.  So, I did more 
> research and saw many people having the same problem.  Once I 
> saw this, I thought this probably deserved a more robust fix 
> than pointing people at old cygwin articles.  Someone at the 
> windows-annoyances web page even pointed people at Lev's 
> cygwin message for a potential fix for the problem.  That is 
> what jogged my memory, in fact.

Would having cygcheck check for the non-existence of the proper entry and
(possibly) fix it be a better workaround (or co-workaround)?  While I know
it wouldn't be the first instance nor the last, it seems unseemly to me for
the cygwin DLL itself to be working around a busted Windows install.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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