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Re: Does "^G" work on Windows 9x/Me?

> Neither Corinna nor I have a real machine running Windows 98 any more
> so we can't easily test to see if echoing a CTRL-G to a console window
> running bash (or any other cygwin shell) actually does anything.  Can
> anyone confirm if this actually plays a beep?

My experience with Win98 is that both before and after the patch,
snapshots 20051229 and 20060103 12:55:23, the command
"printf '\a%1000s\a' 1" produced two tweets on the motherboard
speaker (which is rather faint to hear since I keep my box underneath
the desk), rather than playing a .wav file on my speakers which
are located on my desk.  Yes, my 266MHz box is slow enough that
printing one thousand characters had enough noticeable I/O delay
that I could distinguish between the two beeps.  I would much
rather hear a .wav file, though (or not hear, as the case may be,
when I mute my desktop speakers - there is no way to mute the
motherboard speaker).

> A worrying note is that I get a sound in my vmware session when I
> test the default beep under Control Panel but I don't hear anything
> when I echo a CTRL-G under bash.  I also can't get any sound from
> MessageBeep (-1) using the below program.  Other sounds played ok
> but not MessageBeep (-1), which is what Cygwin uses.
> cgf
> #include <windows.h>
> #include <stdlib.h>
> int
> main (int argc, char **argv)
> {
>   int beep = *++argv ? atoi (*argv) : -1;
>   MessageBeep (beep);
> }

I had similar results; -1 just hit the motherboard, but 0-15 gave
the default .wav that I hear from other apps, 16-31 gave the
typical error .wav, etc.  In fact, changing control panel, sounds,
 Windows:Default sound had an effect on the test app when called
with argument 0, and changed the contents of

Maybe Win9x needs to use MessageBeep(0) to play a .wav.

Eric Blake

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