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Re: simulated "leaf"s broken in root FAT32 beyond 40 entries

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According to Linda A. Walsh on 12/31/2005 8:41 PM:
> I ran into this problem using "find".
> Ran into an odd problem where directories, in my root
> directory, above entry 39-40 are not being examined.  It
> seems to be positionally related, but, importantly,
> specifying "noleaf" seems to work around the problem.

I need a bit more information to see if it is a bug in find, or a bug in
cygwin.  When you say root directory, do you mean "/" or "c:"?  What OS
are you running?  Are you using a snapshot?

Hint: most of these questions could have been answered if you had followed
these directions, and attached cygcheck.out:

> Problem reports:

> As I understood it, Cygwin simulated the "." & ".." entries,
> making it unnecessary to use "noleaf" on hard disks (?).

Without further info, my guess is that it may be related to the snapshots
simulating the existance of /proc and /cygdrive, but neglecting to update
the link count of / accordingly.  I noticed on my own system the following

$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-5.1 LOUNGE 1.5.19s(0.149/4/2) 20051224 14:32:37 i686 Cygwin
$ ls -F `cygpath -w /`
ls: c:\cygwin/proc: No such file or directory
bin/       cygwin.bat*  dev/  home/     lib/   srv/  usr/
cygdrive/  cygwin.ico*  etc/  install/  sbin/  tmp/  var/
$ ls -ldF `cygpath -w /`
drwxr-xr-x+ 14 eblake None 0 Nov  2 21:00 c:\cygwin/

Indeed, c:\cygwin has 14 entries (12 subdirectories, ., and ..).  But
notice that warning about the missing c:\cygwin/proc.  When I look at the
cygwin spelling of that mount point:

$ mount -m | grep '\"/\"'
mount -f -s -b "c:/cygwin" "/"
$ ls -F /
bin/       cygwin.bat*  dev/  home/     lib/   sbin/  tmp/  var/
cygdrive/  cygwin.ico*  etc/  install/  proc/  srv/   usr/
$ ls -ldF /
drwxr-xr-x+ 14 eblake None 0 Nov  2 21:00 //

Now 13 subdirectories were listed (thanks to the implicit /proc), but the
link count was still stuck at 14 instead of the expected 15.

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