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link count wrong for pseudo-dirs (?); find gets confused

You may have not had a chance to drill into the details of the
"cygcheck.out" I attached last email, but...

Eric Blake wrote:

Without further info, my guess is that it may be related to the snapshots

simulating the existance of /proc and /cygdrive, but neglecting to update
the link count of / accordingly. I noticed on my own system the following

You know, thinking about this -- it sounds like my problem
is related to what you are talking about, _but_ I'm not
running a snapshot (as I understand it).

Side note: I don't have /proc show up in my root when I 'ls'.
Do you have a dummy entry created?

Anyway, my "cygdrive"="null".  I.e. my mapped drives
map onto my root drive.  So not only is my "/" equal to "\"
on my "$SYSTEMDRIVE" (C:), but my drives show up mounted under
"/" as "/a", "/b", "c"...

   I also get different numbers of subdirectories when I list
"/" than what the "link" count says and a third number if I list
using "cygpath -w":

$ ls -ldF /
drwxr-x---  31 law 0 Dec 31  1969 // ## 31 links

$ cmd /c dir |grep DIR|wc -l 24 ## 24 dirs seen by windows

$ ls -1F|grep "/"|wc -l ## ***Find note below
ls: pagefile.sys: No such file or directory
ls: d: No such file or directory ## (removable disk)
ls: e: No medium found ## (cd/dvd drive)
38 ## 38 dirs seen by ls
$ ls -1F `cygpath -w /`|grep "/"|wc -l ls: C:\/pagefile.sys: No such file or directory
29 ## 29 dirs?: not sure this is relevant?


***Find doesn't inspect the last 9 subdirectories of this ls listing.

Hope this gives some more info to go on. I emphasize -- this isn't a 'snapshot' as I understand it, it was downloaded through "setup.exe".

Let me know if you want any more info or to try any test


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