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Re: About services

Theoharis TSENIS wrote:
> Well,
>         guys iam stuck. I know from linux that init 5 initialize the the runlevel5 .

Forget about "init 5" or "init 6", in Cygwin most services are installed as
Windows services, and as such they start with the OS and stop with the OS (or
under your control -- Windows Manage Services or net start/stop/restart ...)

> I [k]now for a fact that the inetd or the xinetd start ase a service inside the rc.?

Wrong, if you install the inetd or the xinetd package in Cygwin, follow the
instructions in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/<name and version of package>.README, then
you end up with a Windows service.

> directory. Now the big question. How do i do that in Cygwin? If i start the
> interface automatically will start the init father procedure? But with the ps
i cant
>see it. If i run the "net start [service]" stand alone with out the bash.exe
will it
> work? From the unix prompt if i run init 6 will it close down? Finally where can i
>find some infos on that - the info files of cygwin is stupid-.

The big question is: what services do you want?

There is an initscripts package but I would recommend to stay away from it (I
have not tested it recently but a year ago it didn't work for anything but the
sample) and xinetd depends on it so the same goes for it.

Renà Berber

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