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Re: libexif: one version for binaries, another version for source

David Arnstein wrote:
> When I run the Cygwin setup.exe, it shows that my libexif package is up
> to date at version 0.6.12-1. But when I use setup.exe to download the
> source, I get these three files in /usr/src:
>     libexif-0.6.9-1.patch
>     libexif-0.6.9.tar.gz*
> What should I do?

If you want the source for version 0.6.12-1 just select the source (put the x in
the 4th column) don't change the versions.

You'll end up with something like the above, if you want to rebuild the package
execute the shell script, it will untar the source, patch it,
configure-make-make install, and build the distribution (binary) package.  It
does not install the package, the install location was a temporary (usually
.build and .install directories are created).

You can see the details by looking at the shell script.

> I need the libexif source to track down a segfault in gimp.

Gimp?  For Cygwin or the usual Gimp for Windows?

If it is the second one then it doesn't use Cygwin's libraries... it uses the
ones you installed with Gtk for Windows, usually under "C:/Program
Files/Common/GTK/2.0/".  I've had problems with nVIDIA drivers (or perhaps
something else) installing different versions of 2 Gtk libraries under /WINDOWS,
but I don't recall which ones, I think one was libxml.dll but I don't see any
libexif in GTK/2.0 (I have not checked if my Gimp includes tiff handling which
is what that lib would be good for).

René Berber

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