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Re: SSH problem after upgrade

Steve Holden wrote:

Ed Brady wrote:

After upgrading to the latest release of cygwin, I am continually receiving the error message.

socket:  Operation not permitted
ssh:  connect to host port 22: Operation not permitted

I have had Cygwin installed on this computer for over three years and have used ssh reguarly without any problems until this recent upgrade.

Also, I can copy ssh.exe to my home directory and for some strange reason this seems to work. I have searched all over for an answer to this problem with no avail.
Any help appreciated


You didn't coincidentally install Windows XP service pack 2 (or some other user-controlled firewall) at the same time?

It's unlikely to be something this simple, but it's always worth checking the simple stuff.


Thinking that the firewall might be an issue, I tried disabling it, but with no luck.

The one peculiar behavior I see here is that this only seems to happen whenever the files reside in /usr/bin. If I make a copy of them and put them into my home dir the problem goes away.
Additionally, if I make a copy of the files, and let them REMAIN in the /usr/bin dir, the problem still exists.

Some additional notes:
#1 - Copying the program to a different name under the SAME directory (/usr/bin) does not cause the problem to go away, creating symlinks does not help either. This means the problem is somehow related to something specific to the attributes of /usr/bin itself.
#2 - Considering the three programs found (ssh, ftp, telnet), there is a high probability that the root cause is related to how the "socket" or related api cmds are being invoked or differences in how it is being called when the application resides in the home directory versusus /usr/bin.
#3 - I have yet to find a complete list, but I am betting that this behavior will exist on all applications trying to open a priviledged port.


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