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Re: tar with switches leads to stack dump

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According to fergus on 12/21/2005 1:28 AM:
> I'm trying to append several new files to an existing zipped .tar.gz and
> maintain the zipped format. I find that 
> 	tar -vrzf exist.tar.gz *.new
> leads to an 
> 	Aborted (core dumped)
> message. More than likely my syntax is faulty, but maybe not. (Creating a
> .tar.gz from scratch using "tar -vczf .." works fine. Appending new files to
> an existing .tar using "tar -vrf exist.tar *.new" works fine.) This happens
> with 1.5.18 and 1.5.19s 20051220. Please can anybody put me right or confirm
> the core dump? Thank you.

It looks like an upstream bug; and it has already been 'fixed' in CVS,
where it gives the error:

$ tar/src/tar -vrzf exist.tar.gz *.new
tar/src/tar: Cannot update compressed archives
Try `tar/src/tar --help' or `tar/src/tar --usage' for
more information.

I still don't see why upstream refuses to update a compressed archive, but
at least it didn't abort.

Thanks for the report; I'll get a new tar out as soon as I can locate and
backport the fix from CVS to 1.15.1 to avoid the abort().

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