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Re: Where is patch?

"Lennart Borgman" <> wrote in message">
Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On Dec 14 19:30, Lennart Borgman wrote:

I am having trouble with patch. My Cygwin patch (and my GnuWin32 patch) says it is version 2.5.9. But where is the sources for this? I looked at and they only have version 2.5.4. How can that be?

Cygwin patch is 2.5.8. The version is taken from some Linux distro, I don't remember which one. The sources are where the binaries are, use setup.exe to pull them on your machine. As for the upstream sources, I have no idea. The bug report list is bug-gnu-utils AT gnu DOT org.

Thanks for the information. It sounds a bit strange that the sources does not come from however. Something seems to be wrong here. I have made a bcc of this message to bug-gnu-utils. I think the newest sources should be available at and its mirrors.

Well, path 2.5.9 is available from an official gnu server, but is in a very strange place:
diffutils? in the main archive it is in its own directory!

Also from what i can tell:
 Nothing from is or has ever been offical.
 It houses development snapshots.

Note that the above may be incorect, but it is the best I am able to figure out.

Actually considering that the changelog of 2.5.9 indicates that it is an actual release, it seems likely that it was never moved over to the main site only because it was in the wrong directory.

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