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Re: System Tray

Gary, could you post a few links to some of those libraries?

Yes, that's exactly what I'd like to do.  Why?  It's a great way for
unobtrusive, yet noticeable, notifications.  My immediate goal is to
script a little unit test runner in the background, which constantly
runs, and loads a green or red icon in the tray.

But I think being able to do this from shell scripts would be very,
very useful.  How 'bout an icon that pop ups when an incoming email
has the word "URGENT" in it?  That way, you can avoid disrupting your
flow, and not check your email, and still be informed when an urgent
one comes in.  A few lines of shell script, once we'd have this.

Anyone up to code this?

But, yes, my immediate use is for simple continuous integration / test
driven development.

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
There are a few libraries (actually example code, it's not terribly hard -
just hard to do right) to do this, yes.  But I don't quite understand your
question.  It sounds like you want to do something like:

put-an-alert-in-the-system-tray.exe --alert-type=stopsign

Is that right?  I'm kind of missing the point though - what happens if you
click it?  Maybe a "--run-this-app-when-clicked=" param would make something
like this actually useful....

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