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Re: exim 4.54-1 and broken symlinks

At 06:20 AM 12/12/2005 -0700, Eric Blake wrote:
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>According to Krzysztof Duleba on 12/12/2005 3:35 AM:
>> And ln -s -f a b produces b ==> a if a.exe doesn't exist yet.
>You are correct that the behavior of cygwin ln in the presence of symlinks
>has not been consistent in the past.  I think the current behavior (in
>5.3.0-9 or 5.93-1) is the most sane - if linking to an existing file, .exe
>is appended to the link if the existing file had .exe; otherwise, nothing
>is done.  There is also the cygwin-specific --disable-exe-magic option to
>bypass .exe magic when creating symlinks.

As long as "ln -s a.exe b" produces b ==> a.exe (and not b.exe), exim is OK.

>Let me know if I need to do any further looking into the behavior of ln,
>or whether this particular symlink issue is taken care of by
>reinstallation and/or improved exim postinstall scripts.

I think we are OK. The 4.60 version of exim released today has a postinstall
script that deletes any offending exim.exe symlink. Also exim-config now 
detects if an exim.exe symlink or file masks the exim symlink and it acts


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