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Re: octave-forge dependency?

--- Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> Ok, so first off, octave-forge *shouldn't* depend on tetex-bin. If
> anything needs to depend on tetex-bin, it should be gnuplot.  The presence
> of tetex-bin in octave-forge's requires: line is a packaging bug (even if
> it's intended to work around gnuplot's missing dependency).

Igor, if you read the whole thread, you will see that the dependency could not
possibly have been intended to work around a problem with gnuplot, because we
didn't know there was a problem with gnuplot.  All we knew was that there was a
problem with octave-forge.

Now that we know more specifically where the problem is, I can agree that the
tetex-bin dependency for octave-forge causes more problems than it solves, and
should be dropped.

It seems the best solution to this problem lies in updating the gnuplot
package.  In the meantime, users can try the workarounds suggested.

BTW, the gnuplot version in Debian sarge behaves exactly the same way as the
cygwin version in response saving a file if kpsexpand is not present.  And
Debian does not list tetex-bin as a dependency for gnuplot.  Probably this
needs to be researched further with the gnuplot mailing lists.  Possibly some
bugs need to be filed upstream.

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