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Re: octave-forge dependency?

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, James R. Phillips wrote:

> --- Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > Ok, so first off, octave-forge *shouldn't* depend on tetex-bin. If
> > anything needs to depend on tetex-bin, it should be gnuplot.  The
> > presence of tetex-bin in octave-forge's requires: line is a packaging
> > bug (even if it's intended to work around gnuplot's missing
> > dependency).
> Igor, if you read the whole thread, you will see that the dependency
> could not possibly have been intended to work around a problem with
> gnuplot, because we didn't know there was a problem with gnuplot.  All
> we knew was that there was a problem with octave-forge.

I realize that.  I never claimed that you should have not inserted the
dependency -- just that in the light of this thread, the dependency should
be in gnuplot.  Maybe adding the "anymore" after the sentence with the
starred "shouldn't" would help...

> Now that we know more specifically where the problem is, I can agree
> that the tetex-bin dependency for octave-forge causes more problems than
> it solves, and should be dropped.
> It seems the best solution to this problem lies in updating the gnuplot
> package.  In the meantime, users can try the workarounds suggested.
> BTW, the gnuplot version in Debian sarge behaves exactly the same way as
> the cygwin version in response saving a file if kpsexpand is not
> present.

What is the behavior?  Does it fail, or does it simply produce the error
messages?  I don't think this was ever specified...  If it's the error
messages, then I'd even say a note in the README that those are harmless
would be enough...

> And Debian does not list tetex-bin as a dependency for gnuplot.

Well, Debian doesn't quite target the OOTB experience that Cygwin does...

> Probably this needs to be researched further with the gnuplot mailing
> lists.  Possibly some bugs need to be filed upstream.

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