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Re: problems in Perl process management

On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 01:19:14PM +1000, Sonam Chauhan wrote:
> Hello to Reini Urban and Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes if you're seeing this. 
> Reine, Yitzchak - Back in Feb, you had a discussion:  	
> Do you think the issue below is related to it? Also, at that time Yitzchak
> had proposed a patch - do you know what the status of that is? 

The cygpid to winpid and vice versa functions are available in perl 5.8.7
and perl 5.9.2; see:

I had thought Gerrit would release a new 5.8.6 with them, but this
doesn't seem to have happened; don't know if I somehow dropped the
ball on that.  In any case, I'm really really hoping that 5.8.7 is
released in the next few weeks.

I don't know anything about problems with Proc::ProcessTable other than
what may have been mentioned in that thread.  Perhaps you'd like to look
into it further?

> Hi Christopher - 
> your response to Jurgen had mentioned:
> > ActiveState perl is a windows program.  You can't send cygwin (aka unix)
> > signals to a windows proram.
> This should be possible if the ActiPerl Windows executable was executed from
> a Cygwin terminal -- 'ps' shows it running and 'kill -9' should kill it.

? "This should be possible" meaning what?  You indeed can't send cygwin
signals (which AIUIkill -9 is not) to windows programs.

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