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Re: problems in Perl process management

On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 11:18:16AM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> bearing on the statement "However, I also notice that deeper forked
> processes (grandchildren) refuse to die.  This script is only run using
> ActiveState Perl".  If someone is talking about "fork" on windows in a
> cygwin mailing list then they must be talking about starting processes
> using cygwin so mentioning a "cygwin terminal" doesn't make a lot of
> sense in that context.  You don't need to start processes from bash
> for them to be able to receive signals.

FWIW, win32 perl does emulate fork with threads (and mass copying of
all the perl code and data).  Missed the start of this thread, so
don't know how likely/unlikely that is to be the "problem" situation.
> If they are saying that they are unable to kill processes then, my
> previous (unstated) assumption that they are using winpids rather than
> cygwin pids seems likely.  Either that or they are using SIGTERM and the
> signal is blocked, in which case your "kill -9" would work.  I don't
> know why something which expects to be killed via SIGTERM would block
> SIGTERM but I guess it is a possibility.
> Since I didn't recognize your name, and you seemed to be trying to
> inform me about code that I wrote, I included my signature in the
> message to clarify.

I, for one, understood your clarification in the "signature" message :)

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