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Re: bug in chown()

On Jan 14 16:33, Eric Blake wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen writes:
> > On Jan 13 06:40, Eric Blake wrote:
> > > In trying to get the newly released coreutils 5.3.0 tarball working on
> > > cygwin, I discovered that cygwin chown() has a bug.  Background:
> > Do you intend to take over maintainership of coreutils?  I would be *so*
> > happy!
> You're on to me!  I was hoping to get a successful build locally before
> making my intents public, but yes, I was trying to see if I could take
> over maintainership.

COOL!  Thank you so much.  Are you aware that, after you've taken over
maintainership and released the new coreutils package, you will receive
a couple of brand new shiny gold stars?  If that's not motivating, I
don't know what motivation is ;-)

> > Did you see my Cygwin specific patches in the source tar archive of
> > coreutils 5.2.1 in the Cygwin net distro?  It's all in the subdirectory
> > called "CYGWIN", diffs and ChangeLogs.
> I've seen the patches, but haven't tried to fold them into the 5.3.0 release
> yet.  I'm not sure how easily they will apply, so I wanted to get a pristine
> coreutils tarball working as much as possible first.

I don't think the changes are that difficult.  There are a couple of
changes to get this .exe handling done, a few Makefile tweaks here
and there and of course the dummy su script.  Feel free to ask for


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